Articles and Reviews

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Gotthardt, Alexxa
"Tom Martinelli’s Abstract, Optically Laced Paintings Ask Viewers to Look More Closely", Jan 12, 2015
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Frank, Peter
Haiku Review: Atmospheric Abstractions To Semi-Operas
Huffington Post, June 12, 2013
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Carver, Jon
THE Magazine, review of "Particles + Orbs"
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Cohen, David
“Arts & Letters: Gallery Going”, the NY Sun (July 7, '05)
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New York Magazine, July 26, 1999: p72.
Moody, Rick
“Art Is Dead, Long Live Art”, Modern Painters, (Spring ‘98, vol.11 no.1): 80-81
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Bell, J. Bowyer
“drawings” Review Magazine, (Feb. 15, 1998): 34
Schwabsky, Barry
Museum & Gallery Reviews, (Nov.-Dec.’98): 65
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Shales, Ezra
“Karen Barth, David Mann, Tom Martinelli” Review Magazine,
(Dec 15, 1997): 32-33
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Murdock, Robert M
“Karen Barth, David Mann, Tom Martinelli” Review Magazine, (Dec 15, 1997): 32
“The Do-It-Yourself Artworld: A guide to the Un-gallery scene”, The New York Times Magazine, (Sept. 1, 1996, section 6): 33
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Diehl, Carol
"Tom Martinelli, Dot, Dot, Dot..." Art News; On the Edge, (May ' 95): p.113
Cameron, Dan. "Critical Edge: The Easel Way Out" Art & Auction, (Dec. '94): 68-69
Johnson, Ken
“Abstraction” New York Times, (Jan.9, 1988): E39
Raynor, Vivian. "Reviews", The New York Times, (July 30, '87): review of "Paint/Film"
Books and Catalogues

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"Double Vision: Artiists who Instagram"
Johnson, Erick
Caswell, Janice

Catalog in conjunction with exhibition at LABspace, Hillsdale NY
September 16 – October 7, 2017.
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"Particles + Orbs"
exhibition catalogue. PHiL Space, Santa Fe NM, 2011.
"560 Broadway: A New York Drawing Collection at Work, 1991-2006"
Amy Eshoo, editor
Fifth Floor Foundation and Yale University Press, 2008
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"The Shape of Jazz"
Exhibition brochure. Clifford Chance, NYC, 2006.
Bibliography Section Catalog
exhibition catalogue. Barry Blinderman, University Galleries of Illinois State University, 1999.
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"Tom Martinelli"
exhibition catalogue. essay by Owen Drolet. Bill Maynes Contemporary Art NYC, 1995.
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